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Monday May 3rd, 2010
1st Guest Prof. Marjorie Cohn Professor of Law - Thomas Jefferson School of Law Arizona anti-immigrant law legalizes racial profiling; Obama intensifies search for successor to retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens  
2nd Guest Michelle Fei Esq. Deputy Director - Immigrant Defense Project Arizona anti-immigrant law underscores urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform  
3rd Guest John Burroughs J.D., Ph.D. Executive Director - Lawyers Committee for Nuclear Policy As nations gather in New York for a review conference, it's time to get serious about the Problems and Solutionsconfronting the 40-year-old Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty  
Tuesday, May 4th 2010
1st Guest Barbara Kennelly  President & CEO - National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Warning to deficit hawks: Social Security must not be used as a piggy bank to reduce the national deficit Listen here
2nd Guest Bobbie Sackman Director of Public Policy - New York City Council of Senior Centers and Services Amid tough economic times, at least 50 Senior Centers are targeted for closure as City Hall looks to slash spending  
3rd Guest Tyson Slocum Director of Energy Policy - Public Citizen  Gulf of Mexico oil spill is just the latest outrage from BP, hich previously has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental crimes and safety violations  
Wednesday May 5th, 2010
1st Guest Craig Aaron  Managing Director - Free Press  Journalism's crisis is public media's opportunity Listen here
2nd Guest Asim Rehman  President - Muslim Bar Association of New York  The attempted car bombing in Times Square must not be misused as an excuse for racial, religious or ethnic profiling  
3rd Guest Sharon Gordon & Carlyle McKetty  Coalition to Preserve Reggue  Who Mash Up Reggae?  
Thursday, May 6th 2010
  Throwdown Edition  *Phone system down today One-hour opening monologue; rebroadcast of interview with Chris Hedges, re: Empire of Illusion - The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle Listen here
Monday, May 10th 2010
1st Guest Prof. Marjorie Cohn Professor of Law - Thomas Jefferson School of Law If confirmed, President Obama's choice of Elena Kagan to succeed retiring Justice John Paul Stevens will move the U.S. Supreme Court to the right Listen here
2nd Guest James Parrott Ph.D.  Chief Economist, Deputy Director - Fiscal Policy Institute  Is the recession over in New York City? The answers may be complex…  
3rd Guest Pacifica Radio Archives Lena Horne Interview  Remembering Lena Horne: rebroadcast of April 12, 1966 interview with Horne from Pacifica Radio Archives

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
  Throwdown Tuesday   Special Open Phones Edition

  Listen Here
Wednesday, May 12th 2010
  Fundraiser: Howard Zinn Speaks!    Opening Day of Spring Fundraising Drive    Listen here