MISSION STATEMENT is also intended to serve as a supplementary resource for listeners to my regular radio program, Talkback!, broadcast Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 5pm on WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York - 99.5FM, with a live stream available at In addition to the audio archives of the program available here (courtesy of, you can also access information on this site about the issues we discuss, find out more about our guests and the books, research reports and policy papers referenced in our broadcasts. Talkback! is a news-talk and analysis program with guest and listener participation. Please feel free to sign our guest book at this site and to share your comments, questions and observations about the program. This feature may also be used as a forum to engage or debate other listeners on issues of public interest or importance.

And Another Thing…

From time to time, I shall be blogging here on matters that are engaging my attention. I will also be using this feature to follow up on discussions initiated during the course of my regular broadcasts, hence the title. Your comments on those entries will also be welcome.
Spread the word, keep the faith, and thank you for visiting.

Hugh Hamilton

P.S. On a note of personal privilege, I would like to publicly acknowledge the encouragement, technical assistance and generous support of Angela Harden, General Manager of WHCR 90.3 FM at City College of New York and Daycia Bowman, Webmaster, without whom this project would not have been possible. I am truly grateful.

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